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Forza Motorsport 3 (Xbox 360)

Release date : 23/10/2009

Description : The Xbox 360's answer to Gran Turismo returns in the most complete driving simulator yet. This sequel's goal isn't just realism though but accessibility, with plenty of features to suit every kind of gamer and car enthusiast. Rival cars react to your every move, particularly if you get too close The new rewind option makes a perfect lap a lot easier Car models feature 10 times the detail of previous games, at 4 times the resolution The new in-car view is just one of the new features With hundreds of cars and tracks on offer the amount of choice could be daunting if not for the newly improved career mode. The game is able to analyse the way you play and the kind of cars and races you enjoy for the ultimate personalised experience. The artificial intelligence of your rival racers is just as advanced, with some panicking if you get too close and all racing according to their own styles - not just staying stuck to the racing line. With an even more expansive suite of online options, all filtered according to your skill level, this may be the only racing game you'll ever need on Xbox. Key Features Real driving simulator: The most realistic driving experience ever, with amazing new features such as an in-car driving view and vehicle rollovers. Garage greed: Over 400 cars from 50 different manufactures, all rendered in greater detail than ever before and moving at a super smooth 60 frames per second. Track events: Over 100 tracks to race on, including the Le Mans course, and over 200 different events from circuit and drag racing to drift and timed events. Chauffer driven: Optional driving aids include automatic-braking and a rewind feature - which lets you retry a section of a lap whenever you want. YouRace: New online modes including in-game videos you can create and upload and extra livery customisation options and rewards for the best creators. About the Developer: Turn 10 Studios One of Microsoft's few remaining internal studios at their Washington HQ, this team was set-up specifically to create a Gran Turismo style game exclusively for the Xbox 360. What they came up with is the critically-acclaimed Forza Motorsport series, currently on its third iteration.

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